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The following support FAQ covers topics regarding the transition of NORCAL Group customer and agent account information into the ProAssurance Secure Services Portal (SSP). To learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication setup, please visit the MFA Support page.

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Portal Overview

  • Q: What are the basic functions and features available with the ProAssurance SSP?
    • A: The top-level menu provides access to the sections included below. (Please note - some features and functions are only available to certain user types.)

      • Payments: for viewing a billing account summary, making a payment, or setting up recurring or automatic payments. 
      • Policy Services: for viewing and downloading documents associated with your policy, across both current and previous terms (as well as renewal terms when applicable).
      • Credentialing: for creating or requesting credentialing documents, and/or requesting the addition of a COI Holder.
      • Risk Management: for access to Risk Management content including forms, educational resources, etc.
      • Seminars: for access to online risk management seminars and viewing risk seminar activity history across online and live events.

      Agents and brokers also have access to the Agent section which contains helpful partner resources and information.

      More detailed instructions for specific functions can be found below.

Online Payments

  • Q: How do I make online payments?
    • A: There are two great options available for making online payments. (Please note: the payment options described below are only available for NORCAL policyholders for the time being.)

      • One-Time or Recurring 'AutoPay' automatic premium payments can be set up and managed through the ProAssurance SSP. When logged in, open the 'Payments' menu and select 'Billing Account Summary'. Then, choose the account or policy on which you wish to set up recurring payments and click the 'Pay' button. You will be connected to InvoiceCloud® to make a one-time payment or to complete setup and manage automatic payments.

      • NORCAL Extended Reporting Period Endorsement (ERE) payments can be made by NORCAL customers on the 'Pay' page of the NORCAL website.

Portal Functions

  • Q: What's on the Home Page?
    • A: News and Announcements, Links to Exclusive Risk Management Content, and Quick Jumps to
      • Creating a COI
      • Viewing/Downloading Policy Documents
      • Viewing Seminar Activity History
  • Q: What's in the Payments section?
    • A: For NORCAL users, 'Payments' consists of a Billing Account Summary, which includes the following capabilities:
      • First, a user can choose between Policies or Accounts (if available) which can have multiple policies associated or just one individual policy. On that account or policy, they can:
        • See billing summaries for the current term or previous term, which includes payment plan info
        • See term amount and associated premium, as well as account balance or current amount due
        • On Current Term, access the ‘Pay’ button (if available by user type) to connect directly to InvoiceCloud online to make payment and/or set up and manage automatic, recurring payments
        • View past applied payments and projected future installments
  • Q: What's in the Policy Services section?
    • A: The main area of focus for NORCAL users will be Policy Documents, which includes the following:
      • Choose a policy to view its related documents
      • See documents for the current term or previous term
      • Select the document(s) you want to download/view as PDF (multiple documents will be combined into a single PDF download)
        Frequently Downloaded Forms

    • While a link to Frequently Downloaded Forms is available, it is simply a reference to a public-facing Web site page containing forms and documents most applicable to those customers with policies issued from ProAssurance (not NORCAL Insurance Company or NORCAL Specialty Insurance Company) 
  • Q: What's in the Credentialing section?
    • A: Credentialing provides access to both Certificates of Insurance and Claims History.
      1. Search for an insured by policy number or policyholder. You can select Active, Cancelled, or All.

      2. Select Renewal Term or Current Term. You can select Group by Insured or Group by COI. Select the insured or COI. Select the COI Access or COI and Claims History Access, checking the box for each item you want to download.

      3. Select a download option: Download as Single PDF or Download as Separate PDFs.

        If you do not see the name of the Certificate Holder you are looking for, or you do not have the option to view a Claims History, you can use the ‘Add a COI Holder’ link to submit a request. Requests for changes are typically processed within 48 hours.

  • Q: What's in the Risk Management section?
    • A: The Risk Management menu items contains a list of online Risk Management resources dependent on your coverage type. These include some within the portal and some from the public Web site. Examples include:
      • Sample Forms, Checklists, and Letters
      • Risk Resource Guidelines for Physicians and Healthcare Organizations
      • Site and Safety Surveys
      • Risk Toolkits
      • and more...

  • Q: What's in the Seminars section?
    • A: 'Seminars' consists of an overview of available Risk Management seminars available for CME credit with links for taking the seminars, as well as an ability to view risk seminar activity history.
      • A user can view all seminar activity filtered by Participant, Policy #, or Policyholder, as well as by title and date range - and then export the report to Excel.

Agent/Broker Features

  • Q: What's in the Agent section?
    • A: In addition to Agent users having access to all the same portal sections and functions listed above (with the exception of 'Pay' under 'Payments>Billing Account Summary'), the 'Agent' section includes access to a resource library consisting of:
      • ProVisions Newsletter archive/links
      • Marketing Materials
      • New Business Applications
      • Renewal Applications
      • Underwriting Manuals
      • Agent of Record Guidelines
      • Agent Bulletins

Support & Service

ProAssurance Web Support is available to assist with:

ProAssurance Customer Service is available to assist you with:

ProAssurance Risk Management is available to assist you with: